Indigenous Energy Programs

The IESO offers a number of opportunities for indigenous communities and organizations to get involved in Ontario’s energy sector. Through various funding programs, support is available for capacity-building, community energy planning, project development, and implementing energy efficiency initiatives. This page provides more information on these available supports.

IESO Funding Programs

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Indigenous Community Energy Plan (ICEP) Program

The ICEP program supports First Nation and Métis communities and organizations to develop and maintain an updated community energy plan designed to enhance community energy security.

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Education and Capacity Building (ECB) Program

The ECB program provides funding to support awareness, education, skills, and capacity building initiatives. It helps prepare First Nation and Métis communities and organizations to take advantage of opportunities to contribute to cleaner, more reliable and more affordable energy systems.

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Community Energy Champion (CEC) Program

The CEC program provides funding support to First Nation and Métis communities and organizations to hire a designated community energy champion within their community or organization to help plan, implement and evaluate energy-related priorities.

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Indigenous Energy Projects (IEP) Program

The IEP program provides support for supply-side solutions that contribute to cleaner, more reliable and more affordable energy systems for First Nations and Métis communities and organizations.

Energy Support Programs in Action

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IESO’s Energy Efficiency Programs

First Nations Community Building Retrofit Program (FNCBRP)

The IESO is launching a new program targeted at energy efficiency upgrades in band-owned buildings on reserve. A “Virtual Energy Manager” will provide technical assessment and project support, at no cost to communities.  Each participating community will receive up to $100,000 investment in energy efficiency projects. 

The IESO conducted an engagement to develop this new program in 2018 and 2019 and anticipates beginning enrolment of communities in late 2021 or early 2022.  A website is still being developed; however, further information about the engagement that led to the FNCBRP is available here.

Remote First Nation Energy Efficiency Program (RFNEEP)

The Remote First Nations Energy Efficiency Program provides funding and technical support for making electricity more affordable in remote indigenous communities that will soon be connected to Ontario’s electricity grid. Participating customers will receive a home energy audit and installation of energy-efficient products. Energy efficiency measures will also be available to non-residential facilities.

Energy Affordability Fund (EAP)

The new Energy Affordability Program is designed to help income-qualified Ontario residents get the most out of their homes — at no cost. With this program, you will receive energy-saving upgrades tailored to the specific needs of your home, all at no cost. And a more energy-efficient home means more comfort and more money in your wallet.