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Quick poll: What information do you need to engage in electricity discussions? (Closed)

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Here's what we heard - top ranked answers:

  1. Regional planning
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Distributed Energy Resources

What to expect as a result of your feedback:

  • New About Electricity Planning section - now available
  • Virtual information session (to be announced) about regional electricity planning
  • More information about distributed energy resources and energy efficiency - to follow

Thank you for participating in this poll.


We understand that planning your future electricity needs is not your first order of business. The IESO is responsible for planning and ensuring a reliable supply of electricity to support community growth, but we need your input. Your engagement in these discussions is really important to us so that we can receive much needed information to help us do this work.

Please complete this quick poll to let us know what information you need from us to participate in these important discussions. 

We will share the results and let you know how we are going to respond.

Submissions are closed.