Electricity Planning in Southern Huron-Perth

As your communities and businesses plan for your future, the IESO needs to stay in step with planning to meet your future electricity needs. The development of a long-term electricity plan for Southern Huron-Perth is underway and is expected to be completed in late Q2 2021. Engagement is ongoing to seek input into key components of the plan. Your feedback is an important part of the electricity planning process and helps to shape the electricity future for your area. 

Overall, no major emerging needs have been identified based on the electricity demand forecast for the area. However, the capability of the electricity infrastructure is approaching its limits but since local growth is very slow, no near-term actions are expected. Any small changes in load can significantly advance or delay any future electricity needs, so a key component of the long-term electricity plan will look at conducting a sensitivity analysis to plan for a high growth scenario. Due to organic nature of growth and its amplitude, this is an ideal opportunity to consider non-wires options in addition to wires options. 

Get involved in the engagement initiative to learn more and share your thoughts.