Electricity Planning in Northwest Ontario

As your communities and businesses plan for your future, the IESO needs to stay in step with planning to meet your future electricity needs. This planning process has just begun and your input will be needed at this early stage so that we can identify and consider your priorities. 

Developing a plan to meet the electricity needs for the Northwest region is expected to continue through to mid-2022. From now until then, the IESO will work with municipalities, businesses and other interested parties to examine the future needs of the region to recommend what, if any, actions will be required to ensure an adequate and reliable supply of electricity for the next 5, 10 and 20 years.

Electricity planning in the northwest will focus on the following areas and characteristics:

  • Thunder Bay and Marathon areas - potential capacity needs have been identified; potential load growth and timing will be studied
  • Dryden area - the existing system capability will be studied in this area as a result of a high concentration of potential mining developments 
  • Refresh the forecast of electricity for industrial loads including the capability of the local electricity system to accommodate new load at the ring of fire
  • In response to stakeholder interest, local reliability will be studied to seek opportunities for incremental improvements including integration of cost-effective non-wires solutions (i.e. distributed energy resources) 

Engagement will be tailored to ensure that an inclusive and transparent process is followed in accordance with IESO Engagement Principles.

Stay tuned for more information.