East Lake Superior region

Informed by local input, the first long-term electricity plan for the East Lake Superior region was completed in early April 2021. This plan takes a comprehensive look at your region’s electricity needs over the next 20 years and identifies solutions to ensure local communities and businesses can continue to grow and thrive.

The plan demonstrates that overall, the region’s electricity infrastructure is in a strong position to meet local needs, and significant measures (e.g. major transmission or generation investments) are not required at this time. The electricity needs that were identified are related to reliability and are expected to be addressed through operational transmission solutions. However, input received through local engagement activities indicated the potential for substantial growth in electricity demand should planned industrial developments and electrification initiatives (transit and buildings) materialize. Read more in the plan.

Given the magnitude and uncertainty of this growth, a bulk planning study will get underway later this year to examine the impact on the broader electricity system in Northeast Ontario. Stay tuned for more information.