Community Role - What You Need To Know

  • Ontario’s electricity system, like other power systems around the world, is becoming more decentralized. This means more of the province’s overall electricity supply is coming from a growing number of smaller generating resources — and from different areas — than before.

    For example, where we used to rely mainly on large hydro, coal and nuclear plants to feed the system, now we have a more diversified combination of hydro, nuclear, natural gas, wind and solar power — plus the technology to store generated power from these resources in batteries for later use.

  • At the same time, the era of energy surplus in Ontario is coming to an end, and electricity demand is expected to increase significantly over the next 20 years.
  • Emerging local energy solutions and new technologies, such as battery storage, micro-grids and local generation, are giving communities a larger role in addressing local and regional electricity needs.

Regional electricity planning is a continual process, assessing electricity adequacy and reliability, at minimum, every five years in each region. A technical working group is established for each region to study its electricity needs and is comprised of the transmitter, local distribution company (LDC) and the IESO.

For electricity purposes, there are 21 Planning Regions in Ontario that are defined somewhat geographically, and also from an electrical system perspective.

Map of 21 Planning Regions in Ontario

The three key elements to regional electricity planning are:

Coordination with local and regional levels.

  1. Engagement to inform the scope of work needed and the local needs and potential solutions available
  2. Integration of electricity supply mix, after identifying and determining electricity needs and hearing from all parties involved. This can include a combination of conservation and demand management, new or increased generation, transmission or distribution lines or other innovative solutions to meet local needs.

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