About Electricity Planning

How Regional Electricity Planning Happens

This is the process and players that describe how and when electricity planning happens in your region.

Ontario's 21 Electricity Planning Regions

Map and listing of all planning regions within the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, East and GTA/Central regions.

Players in Ontario's Electricity Sector

The IESO works at the heart of Ontario’s power system, balancing supply and demand for electricity on a second-by-second basis and directing its flow across Ontario’s high-voltage transmission lines so it’s available to you. Find out who the other players are in the sector.

Community Energy Solutions 

Economical local contributions to the grid will diversify the supply mix and help us manage – and plan for – the province’s changing electricity needs. This is how it works.

Distributed Energy Resources

New technologies, along with more engaged consumers and communities, has led to a much more diverse and decentralized system. Find out more about emerging distributed energy resources or DERs.