Community Energy Champions at the IESO

Indigenous communities play a key role in shaping Ontario’s energy activities.

At the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), our partnerships with Ontario’s Indigenous communities are vital to realizing the province’s shared energy goals. The IESO has worked on establishing relationships, creating opportunities for information sharing and providing programming that can help Indigenous communities and organizations build energy capacity, participate in long-term energy planning and renewable energy project development.

We are here to foster better communication, information sharing and support for Community Energy Champions. This is an open space for discussions, resource-sharing, and getting the latest news on the IESO initiatives, including Energy Support Programs, Energy Efficiency Programs and Regional and Bulk Planning. We hope you’ll join us!


Community Energy Champions (CECs) of Ontario

There are Community Energy Champions (CECs) all across the Province of Ontario. Take a look at this map to see which indigenous communities and organizations they represent!

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View the Community Energy Champions data related to the map above.

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Discussions on training topics presented in the Building Community Capacity through Energy Champions Virtual Training Series 2021

Discussions, Q&As and resource-sharing on energy efficiency (new IESO programs, community initiatives, etc.)

News and Articles

A Champion for Energy Matters in Alderville First Nation

When Lori Lees signed on as the Community Energy Champion (CEC) for Alderville First Nation in the Winter of 2019, she had a lot of new responsibilities. A few years later, she’s had her hand in so many exciting energy initiatives in Alderville. Learn more about her journey.

BNA Plans for the Clean, Green Community of Tomorrow

With Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek (BNA) having reclaimed their lands in 2010, there’s been a lot of work re-building and re-establishing their community. Coming into the role as BNA’s Community Energy Champion (CEC) during the Summer of 2019, Aysha has played a major part in lifting energy as a focus.

Energy Efficiency Programs for First Nation Communities

Building on the momentum from the launch of the IESO’s Energy Affordability Program (EAP) and to ensure we offer programming that supports Indigenous participation, we designed two new First Nation energy efficiency programs.